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"LUNAR NOTES: Zoot Horn Rollo's Captain Beefheart Experience"
by BILL HARKLEROAD (Zoot Horn Rollo) SAF Books 1998 ISBN 09467 19217

MALLARD was formed by BILL HARKLEROAD (Zoot Horn Rollo) and MARK BOSTON (Rockette Morton) who were vital MAGIC BAND musicians playing with CAPTAIN BEEFHEART from 1968 through 1974, along with master percussionist ARTIE TRIPP (Ed Marimba). In 1974, that trio departed from Don Van Vliet to record an eponymous album in England. Ted Alvy had cosmic good fortune to write lyrics on four Mallard songs. The 1994 MALLARD CD contains their only two LPs (1975 & 1976).

MALLARD: Males have green head, white neck ring, and cinnamon chest. Female is brown-streaked, Both sexes have purple-iridescent wing patch bordered by white. The best known duck. Has a resounding, classical "quack". Many barnyard ducks are domesticated versions of Mallard. Can take off almost vertically from water. Lays 10 to 15 eggs in down-lined nest on ground, usually concealed by vegetation. The ducks feed on submerged vegetation by paddling with their webbed feet to keep head down and tail up. This is called dabbling.

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The following CREDITS were left off the 1994 MALLARD CD


L: = lyrics and M: = music and Inst. = Instrumental

MALLARD (P) 1975 Virgin Records Ltd. [V 2045]

Produced by Bill Harkleroad & Robin Black

Bill Harkleroad: Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Mark Boston: Bass Guitar (vocals "Winged Tuskadero")
Art Tripp III: Drums, Percussion & Marimba
Sam Galpin: Vocals (piano "Desperadoes...")
John "Rabbit" Bundrick: Fender Rhodes Piano ("One Day..." "A Piece..." "Reign...")
Barry Morgan: Latin Percussion "Reign..."

Side One

Back On The Pavement (3:09) L: David Wagstaff M: Harkleroad
She's Long And She's Lean (3:15) L: Ted Alvy M: Harkleroad/Boston
To Morrocco (2:58) Inst. Harkleroad/Boston
One Day Once (3:25) L: John French M: Harkleroad
Yellow (2:22) Inst. Harkleroad
Desperadoes Waiting For A Train (3:30) Guy Clark (Arr. Jim Dickenson)

Side Two

A Piece Of Me (4:36) L: French/Harkleroad M: Harkleroad
Reign Of Pain (3:03) L: Dan Moore M: French/Harkleroad
South Of The Valley (4:48) John French (Arr. Harkleroad)
Winged Tuskadero (3:18) L: Wagstaff M: Harkleroad
Peon (3:26) Inst. Donald Van Vliet

IN A DIFFERENT CLIMATE (P) 1976 Virgin Records Ltd. [V 2077]

Produced by Robert John Lange [Released 1977 in USA via CBS Records]

Bill Harkleroad: Guitars
John Thomas: Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Sam Galpin: Vocals
Mark Boston: Bass Guitar; Dobro (vocals "Old Man Grey")
George Draggota: drums;
John McFee pedal steel guitar "Harvest"

Side One

Green Coyote (4:15) L: Wagstaff M: Harkleroad/Boston
Your Face On Someone Else (4:30) Wagstaff /Harkleroad/Thomas
Harvest (3:40) L: Wagstaff M: Thomas
Mama Squeeze (4:04) L: Alvy/Harkleroad M: Harkleroad

Side Two

Heartstrings (8:08) Inst. Harkleroad/Thomas
Old Man Grey LM: Boston "segue"
Texas Weather (4:32) L: Alvy M: Harkleroad
Big Foot (4:39) L: Alvy/Harkleroad M: Harkleroad

[end of credits]

Virgin Records Ltd. has released a 72 Minute CD by the group MALLARD, with former musicians from Captain Beefheart's Magic Band. Their debut 1975 album "Mallard" and their second and final album from 1976 "In A Different Climate" are on one CD.

Beginning in 1968, both guitarist Bill Harkleroad (a.k.a. Zoot Horn Rollo) and bassist Mark Boston (a.k.a. Rockette Morton) played with Captain Beefheart from 1969's "Trout Mask Replica" album through 1974's disastrous "Unconditionally Guaranteed" album that caused the Magic Band to quit, after Don Van Vliet (a.k.a. Captain Beefheart) hired outside producers who ruined the exciting basic tracks with lame overdubs. Drummer Art Tripp, who only appears on the first Mallard album, played with Frank Zappa and was known as Ed Marimba while he was a member of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band.

On "In A Different Climate", George Draggota takes over on drums and John Thomas plays keyboards. The vocalist on both albums is Sam Galpin. Mallard features great guitar playing (especially incredible slide guitar) by Bill Harkleroad, who arranged most of the music and who wrote a good portion of both albums. Another Magic Band member, John French (a.k.a. Drumbo), wrote some of the first Mallard album.

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson, a Magic Band fan, financed their first album which resulted in their signing with Virgin Records UK. The first Mallard album was only available in America as an import, but "In A Different Climate" was distributed by CBS Records in America during 1977 through its short lived deal with Virgin UK. The CD is now available on the budget label Caroline Blue Plate (CAROL 1897)

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